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METAL videos and animations are available under five subject headings:

1. Mathematical Review

Film series one reviews some of the fundamental ideas in mathematics which are crucial to an understanding of mathematics for economics. This is a useful revision series for anyone whose understanding of the subject needs refreshing.

2. Linear Equations

Series two examines spending options in a number of contexts, and uses linear equations to explore constraints in markets.

3. Mathematics of Finance and Growth

This series demonstrates how the mathematics of finance can provide an insight into a range of personal and business finance issues.

4. Linear Programming

Using a variety of industries as examples, this series examines how businesses can maximise profits by using the mathematical technique of linear programming. This series also examines non-linear functions.

5. Differentiation and Integration

Partial differentiation and integration are used to gain constructive insights into economics as a discipline.

Credits - The Filming Team

Films produced in collaboration with Streamlearn.

ProducerWilliam Garrison
Writer/PresenterKen Heather
Animations Designer/ProducerAlex Sellner
Animations DesignerPriska Lengauer
Mathematical ConsultantIna Schauermann
Eastern European Filming CoordinatorMilena Malinowska
Western European Filming CoordinatorHeike Bosserhoff
Central European Filming CoordinatorAurelia Kulawiak

Creative Commons LicenseMETAL Project - Films is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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