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Film Series One: Mathematical Review

In this series of films we review some basic ideas in mathematics. You may be familiar with these ideas but you need to be sure about them, as they are fundamental building blocks for what it to follow in a course of mathematics for economics. This programme will review the foundations to develop understanding of more advanced concepts. For example, how do people make choices when they are unsure about the outcome of their decisions? How do governments make decisions about which road building schemes are worthwhile?

These video clips and animations can be viewed in isolation, or you can use our learning pathway and follow links to related material in MathsEG.

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1.01 Understanding Fractions - Introduction

This film introduces the series and travels to a Rocky Mountain casino to explore probability in the context of playing cards. (14 minutes 16 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Two fractions
Fractions conversion
Percentages conversion
Probability definitions
Probability addition rule
Prob' multiplication (Independent)
Prob' multiplication (Conditional)

1.02 Multiplying Fractions - Stonehenge

We consider the risks and uncertainties associated with the building of a tunnel under Stonehenge. (10 minutes 38 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Expected values

1.03 Percentages - Car Prices

This film examines car prices and their depreciation in order to check our understanding of percentages. (11 minutes 27 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Appreciation & depreciation

1.04 Percentages - The Big Mac Index

The Big Mac Index provides a way of understanding percentages in the context of international currency markets. (8 minutes 38 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Currency conversion

1.05 Powers - US Merger Policy

US Merger Policy with particular reference to supermarkets illustrates the use of powers. (6 minutes 57 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Sigma notation
Index numbers

1.06 Fractions, Percentages, and Powers Conclusion

A brief summary of elementary mathematical concepts and their usefulness in economics. (1 minute 47 seconds)

1.07 Logarithms and Population Growth

We can use logarithms to understand population growth over time in the UK and Mexico. (4 minutes 17 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Logarithms / using rules
Growth & decay

1.08 Logarithms and Population Decline

Bulgaria's population is falling. Logarithms help us to explore the size and significance of this decline. (4 minutes 50 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Logarithms / using rules
Growth & decay

1.09 Powers - Production Functions in Gold Mining and Oil Production

This film explores the relationship between costs and output in gold mining and oil through the use of power production functions. (14 minutes 57 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Theory of the firm / definitions

1.10 Logarithms - Conclusion

A summary of our understanding of logarithms. (30 seconds)

1.11 Algebra - Multiplier Effects in Poland

The multiplier effects of government expenditure on output and employment in Poland. (8 minutes 41 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
IS-LM model

1.12 Algebra - Balanced Budget Multiplier in Germany

The multiplier effects of balanced budget expenditure in Germany where the government has increased taxes in the West to fund development of the East. (10 minutes 39 seconds)

Related MathsEG material
Comparative statics

1.13 Conclusion

A summary of elementary concepts used in introductory economics. (52 seconds)

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