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External links

Below are a number of links to external sites which users of METAL may find valuable. These include links to related projects and resources, in addition to organisations which economics and mathematics students and lecturers will find of use.

Related Economics Projects (Funded by HEFCE FDTL5)

External links

  • Mathcentre: Advisory Partner to the METAL Project. Offers resources to lecturers and students to support their teaching and learning.
  • WinEcon: Award winning software described as "the most comprehensive resource for teachers and students of economics".
  • Study Skills Online: Prepared by Martin Greenhow and aimed largely at students of mathematics at Brunel,¬†this provides sensible study advice, in a personal and light hearted way, and suggests approaches to getting the most from university.
  • AHomeEducation: Provides expert advice on teaching school-age children at home.


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